Thursday, April 15, 2010

Job hunting

It's been scary times. No job, no money and no one left to borrow from. I have been doing the Craigslist thing up to four times a day. Yesterday I went down to the French Quarter to pound the pavement. From my new place in Algiers I took a ferry across the great Mississippi to the Quarter. Sure beats a commute on the Garden State Parkway, and it's free for pedestrians. I have to get use to the idea that down here the summer is the off season and winter is the busy season. Back in Jersey things are just starting to pick up, here places are cutting back.

I started with a lead I got that Krystal Burgers were always hiring. It's a White Castle type of joint right on Bourbon Street. I filled out the application, handed it to the manager as she said "We aren't looking for any one right now, try back in a month or so" Why didn't you say that before I wasted my time filling it out you slider slinger?

So I went into every open business on Bourbon St. Restaurants, bars, clubs. Even though I have almost no food / beverage experience I'll do anything at this point to survive. I stopped counting at ten applications filled out, and at least twenty inquiries. I got one call back last night, I'll let you know how it goes.

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