Thursday, April 29, 2010

Give me your money...

If there is one thing I learned from watching Haliburton is: Where there is tragedy and hardships, there is money to be made. Looking for employment, tonight I'm Emailing out my resume to every environmental clean up agency in the state. The oil is moving in tonight. Like an oily storm hours from landfall. I need a job, and right now I have all of the ethics of Dick Cheney. Give me a Tyvek suite and some paper towels to wipe your ducks off. At least I'm honest about my intentions. I could be like the "green People" who raise a self righteous hell to receive millions from the Feds, only to line their own pockets. At least I'm promising to do real work for the money. Environmentalists only pollute with more hot air when they get money.

What are my qualifications to clean up crude oil on the beach? Do I have a HAZMAT certification? No, but I drove taxi at night and had to clean puke out of my cab on more than one occasion. Crude oil will be a walk on the beach.

I mentioned my idea to my landlord, he laughed. "You forget, this is Louisiana." They got hung out during a natural disaster, do you thing a Yankee is going to give a rat's ass about a man made ecological disaster? He pointed out that the marshes are New Orlean's BEST natural barrier to the Gulf during storms. Severe pollution from crude oil will destroy the vegetation, then the little bit of land that protects will erode.

My idea was brilliant if this had been NJ. Enough money controls politician from wealthy beach home owners, billions would've been thrown at NJ. Trillions in bail out went to Wall St, let's see how much is spent to bail out Bourbon St.

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