Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doors close, windows open

I had filled out at least 10 applications on Bourbon Street yesterday. Restaurants, bars and clubs. One called me for an interview last night for being a barback. I called today to set up the time, the woman I was to speak to wouldn't be in until 8 PM. Optimistically I boarded the ferry about 7:30 and headed across the river to the Quarter. When I reached the east bank I called the club and was told she was too busy to see me and to call back tomorrow. The ferry ride was free so nothing lost.

Dressed in my best but penniless I strolled Bourbon Street watching the carnival like night life. A saucy creature strolled up next to me and said "Hey handsome, what are you doing tonight?" I bullshitted with her as we strolled. She trying to get me to pay for a quickly. All the time I was chuckling to myself how she couldn't have picked a poorer John. She eventually spun around and walked off with some sap who eyeballed her.

I decided to roam Harrah's casino, penniless just to soak in the sights. Nice casino. Still I felt optimistic and positive despite not even getting in to the interview. I lit a hand rolled cigarette with my Zippo feeling as cool as a broke unemployed dude can feel. As I strolled over to the ferry terminal I noticed a very lovely lady with a few bags also walking to the ferry. I thought about offering to carry her bags, but I didn't want to ruin my great mood with a face full of pepper spray.

I finished my smoke and walked up to the waiting area in the ferry terminal. Music from a bar at the Riverwalk echoed up into the terminal as I sat down a ways from the lovely lady. She walked over to the open window to listen to the music. I commented it was nice to have live entertainment during our wait.

We chatted, she was originally from England and fell in love with New Orleans twenty years ago and decided to stay. She was witty, charming and very attractive. Kind of a Susan George beauty about her. I digress, this blog is about employment.

She asked what I did for a living. Great. I explained I was new in town and was job hunting. Graphic artist by trade. She told me about her job, did I mention she has her own business as a travel agent... I digress again. Next door to her place of work was several film studios that have artist on staff for sets, wardrobe etc. She thought I should try there, giving me her card and asking me to call her the next day and she would steer me toward someone to speak with concerning film work.

I'm thinking it may be my calling to work in the film industry down here. I have a couple of extra jobs lined up, and the artwork aspect may be my niche. I carried her bag onto the ferry and we had a wonderful talk. Very sweet and likable lady. Petite, blond, a great sense of humor, did I mention she was English? I digress.

As we talked I mentioned how I had come into the city for an interview and had been blown off until tomorrow. She thought that was rude and wished me better luck. Fortunately she didn't ask me where I had the interview. The last thing I would've wanted to say would have been "I applied for a job as a barback at Larry Flynt's Barely Legal Strip Club." I'm sure she would've moved to the other side of the ferry if I had mentioned that.

I'll call both back tomorrow and see what fate has in store for me.

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