Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I did another extra job today. New Orleans is a mecca of film production lately. I heard that 35 major production are going on this year alone. Not to mention the countless low budget indies. Today I got extra work on "Revenge of the Bridesmaids" I doubt I'll watch it, sounds like a chick movie. I didn't even get blown up in this one. I just got to wear an ugly shirt.

Wardrobe picked it out for me. Remember when you went school clothes shopping with your mom? The one shirt you would never ever pick off of the rack is the one she bought for you and made you wear to the first day of school. This was a 1970's striped disco shirt that Huggy Bear wouldn't be caught dead in.

I have been meeting some awesome people working as an extra. I was paired up with another extra today. This lady had nothing in the world to be humble about, yet was the most modest person I have ever met. Brilliant in every way. Makes an otherwise slow work day more pleasant.

Sometimes you meet a tool. On one job we had this guy who wouldn't shut up. He knew everything, so he thought. And he thought to tell you the f*cking obvious every five minutes. At one point I turned to "Mr-I've-done-dozens-of-movies" and I told him to "shut the F up, I can't hear the director." Just like any other job, people are people.

No, it's still better than any other job I ever had.

But it's a job.

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