Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exploding Karma

Today I worked as an extra on the film "KILLING KARMA." Literally being shot down the road from me in Algiers Point. It stars some guy who wrestles, Tripple H. I was thrilled to see on the set Bruce Dern. How cool is that, he worked with John Wayne. Very gray, somewhat frail looking, but he still has that unnerving smile.

Best day of work I've had in years. When I drove off of the set I felt like I was leaving an amusement park and wanted to stay. I had several background scenes, walking past a police car with the actors talking in it, sitting at a cafe when they drove by. BUT, the best was when I got to be one of three extras sitting at tables outside of a bar. The bar across the street explodes and we got to re-act and run. There wasn't any fire ball, that will get added later with CGI. The explosion was caused by compressed air cannons shooting pressurized debris out sugar glass windows.

Balsa wood, cork and fake glass EXPLODED about 50-60 feet in all directions as a pick up truck skidded to a stop in front. It wasn't hard to react to hundreds of pounds of compressed air spraying harmless chunks of matter at you. Afterwards one of my fellow extras, very cool guy named John said that I was lucky to have gotten picked for that scene. It'll probably be in the trailers. I replied in a giddy manner that I felt a little like Bruce Willis as I picked bits of set out of my thinning hair.

All day long all I thought about was someday watching the DVD with my daughter Laura. Yea, maybe she'll think it's cool.

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