Friday, March 19, 2010

Standing in line..

5:30 am at the temp agency. I didn't get called up. I sat from 5:30 to 8:00 am listening to a jailhouse lawyer preaching about the evils of whitey. Considering I was the only Caucasian in a roomful of 15 to 20 men, I felt like a brother at a Klan meeting. I held my ground, I need work. Later on the Farrakhan wanna-be walked up to me outside while I was having a smoke. "Give me a smoke" "Sorry, can't help you" I got the nasty eye as he walked away. Dude, I drove cab in Asbury Park, I don't give up anything unless I see a weapon.

During his sermon I listened how "The Man" was systematically conspiring to keep the community down. I sat and thought about it. No one ever let me in on this conspiracy. First I ever heard of it. Over the two hours or so that Sharpten clone dominated the waiting room, I heard how whites and Jews were evil. Ironically, years ago I worked with a Redneck who said Blacks and Jews were evil. I guess the one thing all hateful and ignorant people can agree on is hating Jews. The only ones who don't hate Israel seem to be Conservative Christians. The same group accused being behind oppressing everyone else.
To the contrary, the overwhelming majority of white people I know want to see the black community succeed. All whites I talk to would want nothing more than all African Americans gainfully employed with good paying jobs. Most whites want to see all blacks live in safe, clean neighborhoods, black children in stable homes receiving good education. I bet the majority of law enforcement want to see a drop in black on black crime. They still can make money off of white yuppies speeding though town.

I listened to a local radio show here in New Orleans with a black host speak of the criminal acts of the NOLA Police during Hurricane Katrina. I'm sure there were civil right violations. Conversely, I have heard about the chaos and disorder in the days immediately following the disaster, I'm bet the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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