Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If I can't find work in this town, I don't deserve to call myself an artist. Every block, almost every building and flat open ground is somehow decorated with art. Things as simple as "OPEN /CLOSED" signs are hand painted, sculptures dot the landscape.

Diane, Waffle's lady showed me her collection of "throws." Throws are novelties thrown from parade floats. The vast majority are the beads. Coming into town I saw several warehouses specializing in just beads. The more coveted throws seem to be anything related to the parade themes. Spears and coconuts from the Zulu parade. Two things one would not imagine throwing into a group of spectators. The spears were rubber tipped and most of the coconuts were drained. Each nut was decorated with and glitter and paint. If back in Jersey, someone caught me gluing glitter onto Coconuts, I would forever be mocked.
Zulu nuts with Monster and Murderface the cats.

This hand decorated shoe was given to Diane by an all lady krewe whose symbol is shoes. Waffle explained some of subculture behind the parades. Politics, businesses and century old competitions are behind the numerous parades. This Saturday is NO's St. Patrick's Day Parade. During that one, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage is thrown. Buy your own corn beef and you can eat for a week. If I am still unemployed, at least I can eat.

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