Friday, March 12, 2010

Fear & Loathing in the French Quarter

Waffle and I went down to the French Quarter yesterday with Brian. Historic, colorful with grated cheesiness sprinkled on top. Great tourism spot, best of any city I've ever seen. I doubt I will be spending anytime down at the night spots there. There is no difference from the night time crowds on Bourban Street than on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights NJ. Loud, obnoxious jerks who have had too much to drink are about the same anywhere you go. Rude over the top behaviour that they would never dream of committing in their local hometown bar.

However, this is where the money is. What little disposable income America has left is being fought over by us with no income. The service industries are like strippers in need of coke who see a lottery winner walk in the door. We're all fighting to climb on his lap and grind.

Waff walked me around Jackson Square park, like some sort of Renaissance fair with a Pirate motif. Artists with easels out and artwork strewn about as if left by hurricane. Banjo players, puppeteers with James Brown marionettes, and the ever present psychic hucksters all hustling like ugly hookers at a Shriner's convention. We strolled by the donkey drawn tourist carriages as the drivers barked out for riders. "No different than cab drivers in Belmar Nj trying to steer drunks into their cabs."

Working for tourist dollars is a risky venture. Like a commercial fisherman your livelihood is contingent on weather and luck. Unlike being a plumber or a doctor, your services are easily cut from a budget. You're a bartender? Well Bubba and his buddies decided to stay home with a case of beer and watch the game this weekend because their hours got cut at work. Everywhere it's the same, Orlando, Jersey Shore, French Quarter, Times Square, we sell pleasure and escape.

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