Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first parade in NOLA

I left Belmar Nj the day after their St Patrick's Day Parade. I went to a Belmar parade years ago, that was the last one. Obnoxious amature Irishmen drinking green beer and eating the tradiditional Irish delicacy of green pizza from Don's Pizza King. Loud, pushy and most looking for a fight, Belmar parades are just shy of a police state. In the seven or so I lived there I never went to one again. My first week in New Orleans we went to this St Patrick's Day Parade. A totally different green animal. First difference between the two, you can publicly drink alcohol at the parade. Holding a beer on the corner my reflex was to spin when I saw a NOLA cop approach. "Relax duuuuude" Waffle calmly said. "Check it out, folks are drinking, no one is acting like an asshole. This ain't Jersey." In the part of town we were in, family friendly. We didn't see any cops busting any jerks, no fights, no hassles. Marcher after marcher pelted the crowd with beads and throws. Diane brought paper bags to catch dinner. Before we left a corn beef was in the oven, now we went shopping. Along with the beads and trinkets, heads of cabbage were hurled from the 2 story floats. I felt like I had caught a baby dropped from a burning building when the leafy green hit my palm. All of the other throws seemed trivial. What a great town, they hold parades to throw food at starving artists. One float riders were throwing small covered plastic containers like what take out food places give you dressing in. Except here in New Orleans, they throw Jello shots. Is this a friggin great town or what?

Another great feature of a parade in New Orleans, women wear thier underwear on the outside. I noticed that those girls seemed to get the best throws. Glass beads, beads with shot glasses attached, roses, and kisses from drunken guys in kilts.
This girl on the left caught numerous throws directed at her, and my attention. With Waffle's prompting I walked up to a hottie on the street and ask "Excuse me Miss, may I take a picture of your panties?" "Sure." If this had been in Jersey, she probably would've called me a creep and turned away. (Well, don't call me a creep if you wear your panties on the outside)I asked Waffle "Why is this parade so much better than the one back in Belmar?"
"Dude, this is New Orleans!"

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