Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first morning...

I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning. Coffee, camera and cigarettes in hand I stumbled out of this house. Two street wise cats checked me out, then tried to trip me.

Across the street Palm trees, I'll have to get used to this novelty.

Beads randomly decorate to town. Trees, fences, cars, it's as if they fall from the sky like a form of precipitation.

A half a block from the front steps a film crew is setting up for a days shoot. A man in a chef's uniform waiting on a bus saw me taking a picture of a house and asked "Who's in the movie?" "I dunno, I just got into town" We spoke, very friendly man, a native. I told I just moved down, he wish me the best of luck as he boarded his bus.

Coffee shops, Doug says they pepper the town. Good, I'm tired of spending $30 a week on 7-11 coffee. These are just pics from a hundred yards from where I woke up.

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