Thursday, March 18, 2010

My first day of work

I stumbled into the temp agency this morning at 5:30 am. Having a car put me higher up on the list than about 60% of the workers in line. I was given a job with 5 other men, one whom I drove to the job site since I needed a navigator. We had to unload a truckload of furniture for a kindergarten class. I got assemble the little wooden stove and wooden sink.At lunch we were treated to fried chicken. Had this been jersey it would've been pizza. My navigator who rode back to the agency with me managed to scoff the remaining pieces which we chowed on during the ride home. Cruising through downtown New Orleans with Miles Davis playing on the radio, my navigator holdiong the chicken like the holy grail, pointed out on every corner the ones "Slingin drugs."Upon returning to the agency, paperwork done I was given a slip. I went to the back room, typed in a 10 digit code into an ATM machine and $51 magically pumped out. I like getting paid at the end of the day. Ten went into the gas tank, a pack of smokes for $2.95 and an energy drink. One day of work and I have half of my week's rent. Life is good.

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  1. I received a comment asking if this blob entry had a "racial overtone" No. I was making the observation of New Jersey has a pizza joint on every corner and down here it's fried chicken. The town I left in NJ, Belmar had seven pizza shops in about four square miles. If an employer bought lunch for their workers it's usually pizza. Down here, fried chicken is sold everywhere. Almost every corner, or gas station sells chicken. I'm sure I'll get as sick of it as I did pizza.