Monday, March 1, 2010

Like Minded People

Driving cab at night I have learned not to trust friendly outgoing people. The friendlier you are, the more I suspect you. You're up to something, and I won't let you get one over on me. If you tip well and exit my car without holding a knife to my throat, I might be a little friendlier the next time I drive you. When a former New Jersian and employee returned to work for us last summer, he made my watch list. Friendly, likable and outgoing were traits that made him suspicious in NJ. Eventually he proved sincere and shared with me tales of a distant land, one so remarkable it sounded like a fable.

Waffle spoke of a city, where artists were held in high regard and respected. A land whose people were friendly and polite. Food that wasn't bathed in tomatoes and garlic. Winters were mild, and attitudes mellow. Could such a place be real? The place of which he spoke was New Orleans. I had never been there, and in ignorance believed that it had disappeared like Atlantis. Washed away by a great catastrophe and left only in history books and archaeological digs. Evidently, it still remains. Waffle saw thru my facade of 'get the f*ck away from me' and appreciated my art. Late at night when things were slow he told how New Orleanians were laid back and treated artists with great reverence. 'Like minded individuals' he called them. Waffle was one who dabbled in music, art and acting and knew what an artist mindset was.You can view Doug 'Waffle' Ryan in this clip from GOREGASM. A low budget Horror-Sex-Comedy filmed in the mythical city of New Orleans.

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  1. He is hands down THE best character in that movie too. This man should be able to say anything he wants to anyone he wants because of that film, He's a fucking cinematic genius!