Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life imitates art...

Waffle and I have spent all afternoon cruising Craigslist. He pointed out to me a listing:

Local company seeking full time cashier to work at an adult bookstore in the metairie area. Be advice that the products thats sold is for adult pleasure. Please be confrontable working in such a setting. Call for an interview. 504-***-****

Now, we are competing. Ironically, this parodies a comic script that I wrote for my comic strip "BiNGE." Binge believes he is applying for a job as an adult actor, turns out it's a job as a mop boy at a peep show. Binge manages to make the best of the position and actually excels at it. At this point I would take the only job that Mike Rowe would probably turn down.

BiNGE the web comic "MEET THE NEW BOSS"

We already promised that if one of us gets the job, the other will come in and leave a real mess.

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