Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking for work

I've been hitting Craigslist three times a every day, applying for jobs I never even heard of let alone am qualified for. No response. This morning I went down to a local temporary employment agency and filled out endless paperwork. I even had to take a quiz.

•When is OK to punch your boss? A)If he's a jerk, B) If your paycheck is short, C) If you don't get to take lunch, D) Never.

•In the last month, how much have your stolen from your employer? A) More than $25, B) More than $50, C) More than $100, D) Nothing.

This is not an exaggeration of the questions asked in the quiz. Most of the guys in the office waiting to be called for work would ask for a price check in a Dollar Store. Tomorrow at 5:30 am I will be there waiting to be picked. I will take whatever comes my way.

Waffle and I traveled a few miles to another employment agency in Metairie. After finally finding the address different from their website listing, the door was locked. Upon knocking a very pleasant woman answered with a surprise "What do you want?" look. Employment was our response. She was the only one in the office and most of the desks looked vacant. The woman informed us that they weren't even taking in applications. The applicants she did have are still unemployed. By the look of things, the woman at the employment agency was working on her resume when we interrupted. Not a good sign.

Waffle and I, unfamiliar with the roads and interstates were like a Jersey version of Jake and Elwood trying to find our way home. Cutting off countless other cars to reach our exit, "We'd be alright if we could just get back on the expressway..."

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