Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What we got here is....

I've been working through the temp agency. The past two days I have been digging ditches in St Bernard Parish. Literally digging ditches, Louisiana has this hard clay soil that you can only hope to chip at. Very hard work. I've been putting in 10 hour days, 8 bucks an hour. I'm going back tomorrow for another ten hours. I've been working at a strip mall being remodeled after Katrina. The entire area still looks a lot like what you remember from the news footage. Wrecked and vacant homes, boats just lying in the middle of empty lots.
Waffle understands how tough it is for me after being a cab driver for almost 5 years. As he puts it, "Being a cab driver is like being a veal." Today, about the ninth hour I started to think about this scene from "Cool Hand Luke."
Yea, it's kind of how I've been feeling, but it's still better than being unemployed.

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