Thursday, March 4, 2010

I spoke to a Waffle

Last night my phone spelled out WAFFLE at 11:14. My buddy in New Orleans saying "Duuuuuuuude, get your ass down here." I mention a two week window. Waff mentioned he'll introduce me to some film friends. I'll bring a resume. Roadied for bar bands, did stage lighting and set construction and I have a screen treatment for 'Butt Freaks From Outer Space' (Romantic Comedy)I was wondering if they need artists to work on parade floats once a year? Waffle will find out. I am impressed by the man's networking skills. If I get the gig, he can play the lead in B.F.F.O.S. A miserable, bureaucratic postal worker of a Man In Black. Disillusioned and betrayed by the government, his last assignment is to track down butt raping aliens. The lead alien is named Earl Grey, an itergalacted pornographer who visits distant planets in order to make porn using less evolved beings (humans) Apparently, this is a large fetish market in distant galaxies.
The film will show the true motives behind cattle mutilations, sphincter poaching.

It could be a classic like 'The perils of Gwendoline.'

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