Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feret Street Fair.

Every weekend New Orleans has something going on, festivals, concerts, street fairs or disasters. This weekend was a small street fair at this end of town. Not a fashionable street by any means, but lots of good people. Food, today was the first time I spent money on food since getting into town. I almost went for the Catfish & fries, but the fries looked like just frozen supermarket fries. I went for three soft tacos for $5."> A couple of live bands played, on any given day you can find a Dixie Jazz band playing outside for free. Down here at street fairs and festivals they have Smoke Shop vendors. I could never see that in Jersey. As soon as you bought something there would be a Jersey cop behind you to bust you for "Possession of paraphernalia." In NOLA you could ask a cop for directions to the nearest head shop.

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