Thursday, March 11, 2010

A faith thing

I once was a born againer, a number of years into it I realized it wasn't really me. My pendulum of faith swung the opposite direction. Perhaps it may be finding a center. Everything in the past month or so has too conveniently fallen together. Much needed money coming from very unlikely sources. Yesterday while talking to my daughter in NJ on the phone, she asked me if I found a place to live yet. I replied no, but I felt confidant that God would provide, that he hasn't let me down yet. After I hung up with her I sat on a street bench to finish my smoke. A dude on a bike was hanging out talking on a phone finished his call about the same time.

We struck up a conversation about the earlier film shoot. I explained I was new in town and staying with a buddy for a few days. "Do you need a place to crash? I have a room for $100 a week in Broadmoor." Perhaps I'll swing by a church someday and say thanks.

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