Thursday, March 4, 2010

I want to leave for New Orleans on parade day.

Yossarian, the anti-hero. I always loved Heller's work. After spending months at the cab company making a pitifully low income all winter do to a depressing economy, I am jumping. After the holidays, the next shot in the arm our local economy has is a St. Patrick's Day Parade. All of the businesses in Belmar NJ hold their hungry breaths in anticipation for the trickle of income. The trickle is mixed with green beer and putrid urine from visitors who may or may not show up depending on the weather. Before I could drive I would have to shell out the rest of my $125 taxi licence to drive the idiots home. Perhaps I would walk away with $300 for the night. Then I would sit on dark cold streets for the next two months hoping this summer will be profitable. Odds are it will be worst than last Summer because the economy is still on the down slide. (Yea, yea, still blame Bush)

In this scene, it reminds me of us cabbies sitting around bullshitting about one of our former coworkers. He got out of Jersey, he escaped this Catch 22 economy. Can't afford to live here, can't get the money to move out. A mindset that leaving is an admission of failure. That moment when Yossarian finds out one of the other pilots deserted and made it, is like the time I got a call from Waffle telling me how well he was doing, and how great New Orleans is. The Revelation I had when I realized that "I don't have to stay in Jersey" was freeing. As I run across the tarmac behind a lame parade with Taxi cabs eagerly lined up to accept the next mission, I feel free. Embarking on a long journey to a distant land in my tiny Ford Escort.


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