Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Move to the Big Easy

Last summer I met a new co-worker, at first sight a very scary dude. Very likable, except I was going thru a difficult time. For some twisted reason I took an instant dislike to him, I don't know why. I projected every ounce of anger in my being at him. He didn't deserve it, I was just being an asshole. Over time he grew on me,much like the skin cancer slowly covering my right arm in spots. A talented, funny and hairy tumor, after time I couldn't help but to like him. He continued to tell me how much I would fit in down in New Orleans. A city where artists are appreciated and sometimes employed. None of the negative angry New Jersey attitude or expense.Every month that I remain in NJ I dig deeper in debt. Driving cab in Belmar at night barely covers my child support and cigarettes. Researching New Orleans area the cost of living seems lower compared to NJ. NJ is one of the most expensive states to live in the the country. The money to be made isn't here anymore. The only ones who can afford Jersey are Politicians, union officials and mobsters.
At this current economic demise, my only option is death. I refuse to do the Van Gogh route. NAY! I will follow the example of Paul Gauguin, travel to an unknown world, pursue my art and die of a venereal disease.

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